Web Applications

We build web applications. So, what is a web application?

It may be a website with some special functionality, or it might be a line-of-business system which is either 100% web based or where you want to make some of the functionality available in a browser.

To be honest, we like to code more than we like to design, so although we can (and do) build simple web sites, we prefer a challenge!

Our typical technology stack

Its difficult to say what the next project will need, but a typical project for us will be built on

  • IIS (web server) or Azure (IIS in the cloud)
  • MVC (delivering the framework and static pages)
  • JavaScript (for code runnnign in the browser)
  • c# (for code running on the server)
  • Entity Framework / SQL Server (data persistence)
  • Knockout.js (displaying live data)
  • and a bunch of the usual libraries.

How can we help?

  • We can build you a website, linked to your back office systems.
  • We can help you collect data online, and process it
  • We can turn your business processes into applications and deliver them via a web browser

Where have we done this?

Beko: we developed CPD - their internal product database. This holds all of the marketing information, specification and product imagery and is kept up-to-date by their product managers. This is linked to their web site, so published products are shown online automatically. CPD also automatically produces marketing materials such as powerpoints presentations and feature spreadsheets for the sales teams. It also interfaces to their retailers systems to deliver up-to-date product information direct to retailers.

Timbmet: a work in progress. We're building them a new website which is hooked up to their product database to deliver detailed product information and advanced search and specifiction tools.

The Royal Courts of Justice. We've worked on their internal systems for a number of years, and right now, we're busy porting a major internal database system from the desktop to the browser.

The Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood. There is a long and complicated process behind the assignment of Honours (Knighthoods). We've captured that process, and built an application around it. This application manages the award process, the church services and the accounts.




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Web Applications

We build web applications. So, what is a web application?

It may be a website with some s…


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